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is an independent non-governmental research think aimed at facilitating debate, exchanges and importantly provide policy alternatives which will influence public policy processes in Zimbabwe. IPAZ’s emphasises research based policies which will be debated, exchanged and disseminated through a semi-journal called Gravitas; research papers; special essay commentaries; policy briefs; symposiums, public forums and book publications. The Institute aims to influence public policy process through research based policy alternatives which can contribute to the social and economic transformation in Zimbabwe.

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Our Approach
We listen to the data, we are driven by it and we follow where the evidence leads.
We listen to the data, we are driven by it and we follow where the evidence leads.

Proposed Programmes

Policy Research, Advocacy and Information Dissemination

A pillar of the IPAZ is to constantly facilitate the public engagement and debate on research coming out of research work and working paper series. Consequently the IPAZ will achieve this…

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Public Policy Citizen’s Forums

This is a program aimed at policy advocacy and citizen participation. There is a continued need to improve governance and open governance institutions to citizen participation in order to achieve good governance. It will also provide…

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Public Debate Series and Information Dissemination

To achieve a greater impact the IPAZ Programs will be supported by a Public Debate and Information Dissemination through the following platforms:

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Views expressed in articles on this website are not necessarily those of IPAZ. While every attempt was made to ensure that the information published here is accurate, no responsibility is accepted for any loss or damage that may arise out of the reliance of any person upon any of the information this report contains.