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IPAZ is a non-profit making organization based in Zimbabwe. IPAZ particularly endeavors to influence civic and public discourses in Zimbabwe on public policy driven by timely empirical research. IPAZ will provide an open discussion platform for both aspiring and established Zimbabwean Scholars to research and engage with social, economic and political issues impacting the country. IPAZ has an established wide network of members inside and outside Zimbabwe.

About IPAZ


To actively support and facilitate the work of Public Intellectuals capable of researching, debating, influencing and sustaining data based research policy analysis on public affairs in Zimbabwe


The general objective of IPAZ to build a ‘hub’ which facilitates the development and output of public intellectuals researching on Zimbabwe capable of influencing public debate and drive opinion on public affairs.

To achieve this general objective the IPAZ will focus on Four Main Objectives that will act as a guide to the programmatic work:

  • Facilitating collaborative independent and robust scholarly inquiry and exchange on important socio-economic issues in Zimbabwe.
  • Enhancing the role of Emerging Public Intellectuals capable of debating and influencing public policy processes.
  • Facilitate and increase public engagement in public policy processes through equipping citizens to shape public policy.
  • Promoting Engaged Public Dialogue on Public Policy through facilitating independent scholarly inquiry and publishing and disseminating this through Books, Working Paper Series (downloadable on website), Sponsored Events, Opinion Articles in Newspapers



We listen to the data, we are driven by it and we follow where the evidence leads.