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1. Policy Research, Advocacy and Information Dissemination

A pillar of the IPAZ is to constantly facilitate the public engagement and debate on research coming out of research work and working paper series. Consequently the IPAZ will achieve this through:

(i) Annual Policy Symposiums

Papers presented will be published annually in an Edited Book and Presenters will be encouraged to summarize their papers into Opinion Articles published in Weekly Newspapers and or Websites (e.g and

(ii) Working Paper Series

Writing and researching of Working Paper Series on pertinent public policy and civic issues under the direction of established researchers. Papers will be accessible on the website and will be accompanied by Opinion Articles in Newspapers

(iii) ‘State of the Nation Report’ – annual

This will be modelled on the Human Rights Development Report or the State of the Nation Report in South Africa (process led by established intellectuals led by junior public intellectuals.

To facilitate public participation the IPAZ will support book projects, working paper series, opinion articles and sponsored events

2. Public Policy Citizen’s Forums

This is a program aimed at policy advocacy and citizen participation. There is a continued need to improve governance and open governance institutions to citizen participation in order to achieve good governance. It will also provide a platform for citizens to define the ‘Zimbabwe’ they want. This program will be as follows:

  • Popularization of Research Reports in Townhall Meetings
  • Tracking and Publishing Constituency Development Funds Reports
  • Increasing MPs, Councilors Input into Policy Processes

3. Public Debate Series and Information Dissemination

To achieve a greater impact the IPAZ Programs will be supported by a Public Debate and Information Dissemination through the following platforms

(i) A Monthly Newsletter (on website and sent to IPAZ Members and Partners)
(ii) A Bi-Annual Journal Focused on Public Policy Research
(iii) Quarterly Public Debate Series and other Sponsored Events
(iv) An Annual Symposium as the ‘pinnacle’ Policy Debate Forum
(v) Facilitate Exchanges with Members of Parliament
(vi) Working Paper Series will be Downloadable on the Website
(vii) Support Any other such Publications as is necessary (e.g Special Journal Issues)